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Landlord/Tenant law is an extremely focused area of practice that requires know-how, knowledge and experience. Our provides A to Z services to both Landlords at Tenants in a precise and cost-effective manner that leaves us confident telling our clients that they will receive the best representation available in Los Angeles. Approximately 80% of our Landlord/Tenant work is on behalf of the Landlord but no one can defend a tenant better than a Landlord’s attorney.


Whether commercial or residential—we provide transactional and litigation services leaving our Landlord clients confident that they are receiving the best and most effective representation possible. We discuss and analyze every aspect of our Landlord client’s concerns while taking into consideration the legal costs and fees. Whether a simple eviction, a complex foreclosure, or anything in between, our clients can rest assure knowing that we are quick, effective and efficient.

In four years, we have been involved in close to 100 separate Landlord/Tenant matters in Los Angeles Superior Court and have NEVER failed to satisfy our client’s goals. Knowing everything from drafting their lease(s), providing experienced trial counsel and the sheriff’s lockout will be executed by experienced professionals. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Drafting/reviewing leases
  • Negotiating settlements, evictions, stipulations and judgments
  • Collecting unpaid rents
  • Delivery of Notices
  • Evictions
  • Foreclosures
  • Mitigating delay tactics
  • Trial


No one can represent a tenant as well as a tenant’s attorney with experience representing landlords. By drawing on our experience with both sides of the law—our Tenant clients are better protected by our ability to anticipate how the landlord will act and the best way to respond.

We represent tenants accordingly to their specific needs. Whereas some tenants may simply need a few extra days to move out—others are the subject of retaliatory evictions. Each case is different and needs its own attention. Our services include are but not limited to:

  • Drafting/reviewing leases
  • Negotiating settlements, evictions, stipulations and judgments
  • Delivery of Notices
  • Drafting complaints to housing authorities
  • Delaying lockouts
  • Trial

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